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About us

Interpreter Task Management System (Intask MS) is a web and mobile based application that is specifically designed to the needs of interpreting/translating companies and their independent interpreter/translator contractors.

Intask MS provides a secured HIPAA compliant and cloud based platform for companies to assign tasks to interpreters and receive the completed task by interpreters automatically. The interpreter can accept or reject the assigned tasks with the click of a button by using the mobile app. When task is done, the interpreter collects required signatures electronically and submits the document to the agency automatically by using the mobile app.

Intask MS provides a scheduling system to the interpreter agency and a mobile app to the interpreters in both Android and IOS.

Intask MS uses Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) which provides the best cryptographic protocols to communications security over the internet. We use cloud based servers which are HIPAA complaint and based in the US.

Why Choose Intask over Others?

Unlike other competitors, Intask MS focuses on both the companies and their contractors at the same time. Intask MS solves the following problems for the interpreting/translating companies

  1. The subscribed interpreter, once assigned a task will get a mobile notification which he/she can accept with the click of a button.

  2. Interpreter and provider signatures will be securely collected electronically and will be enforced to avoid forgetting completed task without signatures.

  3. Completed tasks will be synchronized by the interpreter into your database and hence no need to wait faxed or scanned documents or worries of lost documents by interpreters.

  4. Check in time and Check out time will be stamped automatically and there will be no time manipulation.

  5. Once task is completed and synchronized to the company’s database, there will be no document with client information retained by interpreters but a reference, hence will be HIPAA compliant.

  6. Companies will have a scheduling system to schedule tasks and avoid double bookings.

Intask MS also solved the following problems for Interpreters

  1. Interpreter will not have to worry about running out of papers to do an assignment.

  2. No printers, scanning or faxing required and no need to carry a lot of documents every day.

  3. Simple to use app in both IOS and ANDROID.

  4. Never send incomplete document to your company again.

  5. Never count documents of finished task manually again.

  6. You will always have a reference of the task you have done.

  7. Never worry about storage for documents with sensitive information.